The journey begins...

I would describe myself as a restless soul with a desire for adventure and at peace in nature.  I've always been independent; kicked out at the age of 17, I left and never looked back.  I graduated high school with straight A's, got married right out of high school and a baby by the age of 20.  The pull for a rich and full life drove me to leave the small town in Colorado and join the Navy.  That change took me to the East Coast for 12 years and I eventually made it back to the Southwest where I have been living for the last 16 years.

My marriage of 20 years ended at the beginning of 2019 and I have spent the last two years regaining my confidence and sense of self.

I'm now in my early 50's and have been an airline manager, flown and worked on airplanes, been a welder in the Navy, have a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology and have worked in telecommunications for the last 20+ years as well as created my own photography business.  I am ready for this new chapter.

With trepidation, in 2021 I bought a 27' Class A Winnebago Vista.  I started taking her on short trips to the mountains to get familiar with her and learn the ins and outs of RVing.  In December 2021, I took her to San Diego for two weeks and worked remotely from the beach!

So what's next?  I will be rolling down the road less travelled, of course!  I have found that some of the best treasures are on the side streets, small towns and along back country roads.  My hope is to share my journey with you and show you some of the lesser known locations that have so much to offer and enjoy throughout the US.

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